Today in astonishing goalkeeping mistakes

Friday, April 8 2016 was apparently the day of a global competition to see who could make the most absurd goalkeeping error. Mickael Roche, who you might remember as the sacrificial lamb in goal for Tahiti during their 10-0 loss to Spain the 2013 Confederations Cup, was an early front runner with his own goal that defies all logic in an Oceania Champions League match.

Then there was England goalkeeper Karen Bardsley, who missed the ball entirely to allow Belgium to score in an Euro qualifier.

As bad as Bardsley’s gaffe was, I think Roche’s own goal was worse.


  1. Mike says:

    Got to credit the Belgian who scored some – she was right there pressuring the keeper, avoided her kick, and immediately got on it and put it just under the diving keeper, with not much margin of error in any of it. That’s really good work, and a great example of being ready to take advantage of a mistake, even if it was a pretty embarrassing mistake for the English keeper.

    The Tahitian one…….well, at least he gets to live in Tahiti.

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